Architectural Fiberglass

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Where would you use Duro Fiber?

Historical Restorations

twin 125' tall towers

High Schools

Columns and Cornice


Cornice with brackets

Higher Education

Replication of cast iron columns


Parapet walls and towers

City Halls

Clock Tower

Commercial Projects

Cornice and columns


Light trays and columns

Private Schools

Balustrade and posts


Spandrel panels


State Seal


Terra Cotta Replacement

Company Profile

DURO FIBER is a company using space age technologies in the molding of fiberglass composites to meet the needs of today's architectural restoration and modern design projects.

DURO FIBER had its beginnings in developing components for companies working directly with the United States Government in the aerospace industry. The demands made upon those components necessitated advancements in fiberglass molding techniques well beyond the state-of-the-art at the time. The newer technologies proved useful in other fields, particularly as we have continued to refine and improve them. Applying them to the architectural discipline, we have been able to produce fiberglass reproductions with long life expectancies amazingly authentic in detail to the originals large in size to minimize site construction costs and within our clients' budgetary plans. For new construction you can design without constraints, with the confidence that DURO FIBER will be able to produce your design in exacting detail. Given the opportunity to work directly with you during the design phases of a project, our experience can contribute to your success by the integration of design considerations, job site conditions and the most modern of technologies to suggest a balanced approach  A telephone call to us can involve us in your project promptly, to the extent you wish. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY, EXPERIENCE, MODERN FACILITIES CLOSE PROXIMITY, and DEDICATION to EXCELLENCE make DURO FIBER a leading producer of molded fiberglass components and systems.


Contact Information

Telephone 1.603.881.4200

FAX 1.603.881.4237

Postal address 11 Park Avenue Hudson, NH 03051

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